Utah Radiant & Electric Floor Heating

Shamrock Plumbing is the Intermountain West’s foremost authority on the design and installation of hydronic radiant floor heating systems.

Over the years Shamrock Plumbing has seen a dramatic increase in home-builder demand for radiant heating installations. And no wonder! This type of system is ultra-clean, energy-efficient and trouble-free. Instead of heating your home through ducts and vents that circulate the air in your home, radiant floor heating is embedded in your floor and evenly distributes low temperature heat.

Why Choose Radiant Floor Heating?

  • In-floor radiant heat generates an unmatched quality of comfort
  • There won’t be any more complaints of cold feet during Utah’s winter months
  • Radiant heat affords you flexibility and energy savings by heating only the rooms that you are using
  • High efficiency boilers or electric radiant floor heating systems make radiant heat one of the most efficient ways to heat your home
  • Radiant heat reduces the dust typically generated by a forced air system, and the noise from furnaces and blowers making it a cleaner and a more attractive way to heat your home



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