Is your Drinking Water Pure?

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A few years ago there was an outbreak in Saratoga Springs, Utah of contaminated tap water. City officials presented a report, warning residents to boil their water before drinking it. They listed the possible side effects of drinking the contaminated water, which included, stomach pain and intestinal illness.

This is not the first time that there has been a warning for residents to stay away from their tap water. Many years back, Riverton, Utah issued a warning stating that a dead raccoon reached the main drinking water source for all residence in Riverton.

In both of these cases the residents could not drink their tap water unless they boiled it before hand. This was reported to be very tedious. The best way to avoid these types of scares is to install a water purification system directly into your home.

Water purification systems can not only protect you from contaminated water but also protect you and your family from the every day harmful substances that are present in our drinking water. For example, chlorine, arsenic, dissolved, solids, and even lead! Protect your family today and contact Shamrock Plumbing today!

-Maddie Williams


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