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Plumbing on the Home Construction Timetable

Building a home from scratch is a highly procedural process that involves numerous stages. Each stage corresponds to a different part of the building process–from site foundation and framing to insulation and interior finishes. The plumbing stage comes in near the middle of this process and is one of the most important. Here is a brief look at the plumbing stage of new home construction.

Plumbing a new construction happens after framing and around the same time that the electrical and HVAC work is done. Pipes are run through interior walls, floors and ceilings and sewer lines and vents are installed. During this time, water supply lines for each plumbing fixture are also put in place. Shower and tub units or bathtubs are installed at this stage since there is more space to move in large, heavier objects. All of the ductwork for heating, air conditioning and ventilation is installed at the same time as the plumbing since these components are some of the most embedded in the structure of the house and must be properly fitted and positioned before any interior finishes are undertaken.

After the plumbing systems are installed alongside the HVAC and electrical components, the work undergoes inspection for compliance with building codes. These inspections are typically done separately and involve individual inspections for the framing as well. After this is done, the plumbing is considered finished up until final interior finishes. Here, faucets, toilets and sinks are installed alongside light fixtures, outlets and switches. At this point, all of the plumbing work is complete and the house is pretty much considered ready save for some final floor finishing, landscaping, and cleaning.

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