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How Can You Radiant Heating Reduce Allergies?

Simple changes in your home can come with many benefits. Although initially more expensive, the cost of switching to radiant heating will be worth it over time, in more than just economical ways. Take the time to learn how radiant heating can benefit you in your home, especially those who have bad allergies during this season.

The benefits

 radiant heating

There are a few different types of radiant heating that can be used in the home, from air-heated radiant floors to hydronic radiant floors; it all depends on what you have. No matter the type of radiant heating you have, here are some of the greatest benefits:

  • Cost effective. Rather than using traditional HVAC methods, radiant heating works to heat the whole floor evenly, distributing the energy as it is needed. This will prevent one spot from working overtime, instead making your home easier and cheaper to heat. Because warm air rises, this will increase the temperature of your entire home at a smaller cost.
  • One of the most uncomfortable things about getting up in the middle of the night is walking from the warmth of your bed to the cold bathroom floor. With radiant heating the floor remains warm, stopping the unpleasant feeling.
  • The air you breathe will be better. In traditional heating systems, the heat will only blow around harmful elements through your home. Radiant heating can put a stop to this.

Allergy benefits


Those who have serious allergies or asthma should seriously consider switching to radiant heating. Other heating systems work by circulating the air throughout the home. Although this works for many, it can have many negative effects. Even with a clean air filter, unhealthy things can still be circulated through the home in this way, especially when there are pets in the home. By stopping the air from circulating in this way, you can prevent allergens from circulating through the home, making it easier for everyone to breathe.

There are many advantages to switching from traditional heating methods to radiant heating in your home. For those with allergies, this may be the best solution. Weigh all the different options before making your final decision. If you do choose to make the switch, contact Shamrock Plumbing. We can help get the radiant heating installed in your home, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits as soon as possible.

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