Troubleshooting 101: Shower Drains

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When your shower or tub drain is clogged, it can cause more problems than you may be ready for. It doesn’t matter how the drain was clogged, finding the best solution for your drain will soon become critical. To start out, try some of these simple methods for clearing your drain. If these don’t get the results you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals rather than living with the problem for an extended period of time.




To use this method in your bathtub, it is necessary to cover up any overflow drains that are present. This can be done easily with a wet washcloth. Plunge the drain with a dozen pumps at a time before checking to see if the clog has been loosened or if the drain has been cleared. If this doesn’t work after a few attempts, it may be necessary to move on to the next course of action.


The coat hanger

 coat hanger

Possibly one of the most common methods for DIY unclogging drains, use a wire coat hanger. Start off by removing the drain cover and begin lowering the undone coat hanger. This is most effective when the clog is close to the drain opening. Start out by piercing and then hopefully fishing out the blockage.


Baking soda and vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

If the drain is farther down than your eyes can see, you can try to use a few household products to break up the clog. By combining baking soda with white vinegar, you can flush out the clog. This method may take a little more time and patience, but has the potential of being more effective than the previous two methods. Cover the drain after pouring down the solutions and wait a few hours before readdressing the issue.


Drain snake

shower drain 

There are a few different levels of drain snakes, ranging in price and effectiveness. In many situations, it is more cost effective to hire a plumber than investing in a drain snake that may or may not do the trick. These tools are longer and more flexible than a coat hanger, making it easier to place farther down the drain to mend the problem. If you have tried this method and still find yourself faced with a problem, it’s time to call the plumber.


Don’t just live with the problem, get it solved as soon as possible. For those clogs that aren’t easily fixed, call us at Shamrock Plumbing. We can get the clog fixed faster and cheaper than other methods.

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