Unique Bathroom Designs

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Most bathrooms are extremely ordinary spaces. Many people invest time, money, and creativity in transforming other areas of their home into unique, functional spaces, but bathrooms are often overlooked as potential design canvases. From the artistic graphical approach to ceilings, floors, and walls to creative storage and the addition of luxury furniture and accessory items, bathrooms are versatile spaces that can be transformed with a smart plan, decent budget, and a little creativity. Here are a few examples of unique bathroom designs.


Vanities & Hidden Cabinets



Bathrooms are storage spaces and cosmetic spaces alike. The layout and furnishing of a bathroom should reflect this expectation and broaden potential. Vanities are great additions to bathrooms for functional and aesthetic means. Vanities can be great as countertops with sink basins as well. Cabinets are necessary in any bathroom, but can be concealed with the right design approach. Hidden behind mirrors or pictures or contained within walls, cabinet storage doesn’t always have to be out in the open. You can also further brighten the space by installing under cabinet lighting to highlight the open space underneath.





A fireplace may not be an addition that commonly comes to mind when envisioning a bathroom space, but there’s no reason why these can’t be an integral part of the design to add a warm, luxurious aesthetic. The inclusion of a fireplace–where feasible–creates more of an aura of living and relaxing in a space–much like that of a spa–than the typical associations of bathrooms as spaces to avoid lingering in too long. Even if the fireplace is no longer functional, the aesthetic it creates can be great for your bathroom space.


Rugs, Bold Paint & Wall Decor


Furnishing your bathroom in a unique way can include adding items like ornate rugs and catching wall decor. Rugs can be a nice aesthetic change from the standard bathmats, and quality rugs are designed to handle a lot more wear than wet feet. Your selection of paint will also make a strong aesthetic statement about your bathroom as well. A bold paint color can add a lot of personality to your bathroom and compliment other design elements like pictures, paintings, and oriental rugs. Giving your bathroom as much personality as other rooms in your house is a great way to re-envision an otherwise ordinary and often under-adorned space. You might just find that your bathroom holds more appeal than you thought.

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