Protecting Home Plumbing: Harmful Items for Pipes

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The plumbing system is one of the most important in a home, and one subject to a lot of wear and strain. When you consider how much goes through plumbing pipes and their exposure to a range of substances, it is apparent that modern plumbing systems carry a large burden and fulfill a significant role in our daily lives. Protecting home plumbing systems comes down to insulating them and taking caution with what objects and substances end up in the pipes. A lot of plumbing complications can be prevented with more awareness about what goes into pipes and how you plumbing system as a whole is affected by the things that go down the drain. Culinary and bathroom plumbing are often the most affected by harmful items going down the drain into pipes, so making sure to protect these pipes from potentially harmful items is important.

Protecting Your Drain

Drains in bathrooms, showers, and kitchens are vulnerable to clogs and other damages from the variety of substances and items that go down them everyday. Kitchen drains with garbage disposals, in particular, are subject to a lot of wear and potential problems from food and non-food items being run through the disposal and into the plumbing. Taking precautions with the kinds of items you put down the disposal and the drain is important to protecting your pipes and preserving the garbage disposal itself. Keeping in mind that everything that goes down the drain has an impact on your pipes and the environment is an important consideration.

Drain clogs are a primary cause of home plumbing problems and represent a large number of calls plumbers get each month. In many cases, clogs develop over time as a result of items going into the drain every day. Hair accumulating in a shower or bathroom sink drain, and food items becoming lodged in kitchen drains are primary causes of drain problems that may not be immediately concerning, but become an issue over time if left unaddressed. Taking care with what items you both put down the drain and inadvertently allow into the drain is essential to protect your plumbing.

What to Keep Out of the Drain

There are a lot of items that are harmful to pipes, but the most concerning are likely household items that may end up going down a drain. Powerful chemicals like bleach and pesticides can be harmful to pipes and increase the risk of corrosion, not to mention their harmful impact to the environment. Never put caulking substances or household paint down the drain since these can solidify and clog a drain as they dry. Many drain problems and other plumbing complications can be attributed to putting these types of harmful substances down the drain.

When it comes to food products, unless you have a garbage disposal, throw everything away in the trash, compost, or recycling receptacle. With garbage disposals, there are items that should never be run through the system. Bones, potato skins, citrus fruit peels, and other food items that could become stuck in the system or damage the blades should not be put into the disposal. Of course, all non-food items should stay out of the garbage disposal for the problems that they can inevitably cause to the disposal and pipes. Protecting your home plumbing system is an important part of maintaining a vital part of the home. This protection begins with exercising caution with what goes down the drain and being aware that everything that does has an impact.

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