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Is Your Water Heater Ready For Winter?

You wake up on a cold winter morning, tiptoe your way across the icy cold tile of your bathroom only to find that the water in your shower won’t rise above lukewarm. Don’t let your shower feel like you’re diving into the arctic. Water heaters become especially essential in winter, no one wants to take a cold shower when it’s 30 degrees outside. It’s important to “winterize” the area where the water heater is located before the cold months arrive to ensure you have hot water all winter.

If you’ve been experiencing any problems with your water heater contact us today to schedule an appointment. To make sure that your water heater is ready and problem free to last the winter, perform these basic maintenance tasks:

Insulate Outer Pipes

If water heating has been a problem during the winter months in the past, it may be the result of insufficient pipe insulation. If the pipes in your home run above your garage or along an outside wall, you may want to invest in heat tape or other pipe insulation.

Try to Keep the Tank in a Warm Space

Inspect the area around your water heater. Are there any particularly drafty spots? Does it seem to get colder in that area than anywhere else in your home? If so, you may want to add more insulation to the surrounding walls. It may also help to re-caulk any windows.

Make Sure You Have Enough Gas

If your meter size isn’t large enough to provide the amount of gas that your household appliances require it is possible to run out of fuel. This lack of gas can drastically affect the performance of your appliance. Speak with your gas company to make sure your household isn’t receiving not enough or too much gas for your meter capacity.

Call a Plumber for Prevention

If you’ve been having any problems getting hot water, call a plumber to perform maintenance. Water heaters get the most use during the winter months, so what starts as a minor problem in the summer can become a major one in the winter. Prevent bigger problems by getting the heater fixed as soon as possible.

Water heaters aren’t prone to aging, it is possible your water heater isn’t working well because it is time for a replacement. This isn’t always the case, malfunctions are always something to consider when a water heater isn’t working properly. Call Shamrock Plumbing at (801) 505-9505 for your maintenance, replacement, or repair services.

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