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5 Items To NOT Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

[Updated 2020]

A garbage disposal is meant to be used as a helpful device when washing dishes and cleaning up food. Although, drains can actually get clogged if they are not properly maintained. This could lead to water damage or even broken pipes! Shamrock Plumbing understands what a nightmare clogged drains can be, especially if you are expecting people to come over. We’re here to fix your drain if needed, but let us give you a few tips on how you can prevent your garbage disposal from getting backed up. Below we have described the top five items that you should not put down your drain and why.

throw food away

1. Grease, Oil, and Fats

Greasy foods often create a film on the garbage disposal blades that make it less effective. As the built-up grease begins to decay it can cause a terrible odor to seep out of your garbage
disposal. This unpleasant odor can cause your entire kitchen to smell bad. Pouring
hot grease down the garbage disposal can also clog the drain once the grease cools and hardens.


2. Egg Shells

It’s been claimed that egg shells sharpen the blades in your garbage disposal, but this is
a myth. Eggs have a stringy membrane underneath the hard exterior that can wrap around the shredder ring. The shell can also be ground into a sand-like consistency that is commonly known to clog drains. Avoid putting egg shells down your drain to prevent these problems.

3. Fiber-Heavy Foods

Fibrous foods like celery, carrots, onions, and potatoes can cause issues in
garbage disposals because of their string-like consistency. Like the eggshells, the strings in these food items can get wrapped around the blades, preventing the blades from spinning and ultimately causing motor failure.

If you’re having family over for a special occasion, they might throw items down your garbage disposal, too. It’s easy to make mistakes like throwing carrot peels down the drain when everyone is cooking in the kitchen. Read more tips on how to keep everything in your home running smoothly during the holidays.


4. Pasta, Rice, Potatoes, and Beans

Although these foods are fairly soft, they should not be put down the garbage disposal. Even small amounts can swell when mixed with water. This paste-like substance can eventually clogs drains. Even the peelings from potatoes could be too tough for your disposal to handle. When in doubt, throw food in the garbage can, not your sink.

5. Non-food Items

Avoid dropping or putting any items that aren’t food down the drain. You would be surprised how many items can get thrown down that don’t belong there. Utensils and straws are the most common item that might accidentally get thrown down the drain. Small toys can also clog the drain and can happen often if kids are playing near the sink.

If a glass dish or cup breaks in your sink, do not turn on the disposal! This is a case in which you might have to call the experts.

Keep a watchful eye out for what’s going down your garbage disposal, and always check before turning on the blade.



Garbage Disposal Not Working?

By keeping these items out of your disposal you have a better chance at keeping your garbage disposal running problem free for many years. If you have tried to keep these items out of your disposal and are still having issues, give us a call! For free estimates or questions call Shamrock Plumbing at (801) 505-9505.

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