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DIY Plumbing Fails

diy plumbing fails

We always get a kick out of the most epic DIY Plumbing Fails. Although entertaining for us, it can be costly, time consuming, and dangerous to attempt these major fixes on your own. We ask that you consider safety before attempting any Do-It-Yourself plumbing or hire a professional. We have compiled a list of DIY plumbing fails to educate our customers on the possibilities that could strike when attempting to fix a plumbing disaster by yourself. Here are some of our favorite fails:

That is gonna make using the toilet difficult.

Duct tape should work.

Plastic Bottle? I don’t see why not!

Measured that space wrong!

Do I need a bigger sink or smaller faucet?

There, it’s fixed!

Now, how do you use it?

Makeshift shower head.

Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

I prefer my water to be boiling hot.

Milk jug and a door knob? Why not!

When it comes to plumbing repairs it is always best to hire a plumber. The cost of hiring a professional may seem scary but after seeing these photo’s you should be convinced DIY is not the way to go. For plumbing repair services give Shamrock a call, we are here to help! For free estimates, questions, or emergency services contact us at 801-505-9505

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