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Troubleshooting 101: The Toilet

There are a few different problems that are common when it comes to the toilet, some of which you can mend yourself. Learn which of these annoyances can be taken care of with a few easy steps, and which need to be addressed by a professional. Each symptom will come with its own potential cure.


interior of a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Refusing to flush

One common problem comes from a toilet that just won’t seem to flush. This toilet usually takes a little longer to accept your efforts to flush than other toilets. This can be caused by a number of different problems. Start off by lifting the tank cover and testing the chain that leads to the flush handle. If this chain is too long, pulling the handle won’t properly be able to lift it. You can easily fix this by linking part of the chain to another section, making it shorter. If the chain seems to be the proper length, you may have a larger problem on your hands.

Excessive flushing

In other cases, your toilet may seem to flush at other times, without anybody in the bathroom. Not only can this be startling when it first happens, but it can also start manifesting itself on your water bill. Look into this problem sooner rather than later. In many cases, this is caused by water leaking into the bowl because the flapper valve has become worn. Make sure that you replace it the correct way, or call on a professional to help mend the problem.

interior of a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub

Constantly running

Similar to the ghost flushing, a toilet that is constantly running is an annoyance that will waste water. In most cases, this is because the flapper is not properly sealing at the bottom. There may be something blocking it from closing such as mineral deposits or a too short chain. Look into the potential issues before making a final decision.

Each problem is unique, and should be addressed as such. If you have tried to mend a problem with little or no success, don’t hesitate to call in the professional. We can help mend your problem, stopping any potential problems that may come with a bad repair job. Call Shamrock today to get the best solution in your home.

Common Toilet Repairs and Parts

If you would like a more comprehensive guide to how to deal with toilet problems and quick repairs you can download this awesome guide!

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