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Best Shower Heads for Your Needs

Before you go rushing to tighten all the faucets and plumbing in your home (or place an angry call with your city clerk), you should consider how important a high-quality shower head is in delivering consistent water pressure and comfort. Not only can switching your shower head improve water flow and the feel of your bathroom, but many easily-installed options offer greater comfort or use as they do so. Rain showers, detachable heads, even integrated lights—you name it!


For instance—have you ever moved into a new house or apartment and been blown away at how different the showerhead is from your previous place? You’re not alone. Even hotels can offer massively different stays when it comes to minor differences in their plumbing hardware. For homes, we all have our preferences for showering, and your shower head should reflect those preferences.

From single-source faucets to a multi-stream rain simulator, we’ve come a long way from clawfoot tubs and rattling pipes. If you haven’t considered upgrading in a while, perhaps this guide will point you in the right direction.

For instance, have you ever wondered if there was a showerhead that could actually conserve your water, thereby saving you money on your water bill? Good news—we’ve assembled a few of our favorite shower heads for water pressure and conservation reasons, as well as just a few we like for their aesthetic function.

Best Water Conservation Shower Heads

Showering can take up a lot of water with extended use in your home. In fact, the EPA places water usage estimates at a whopping 20 gallons per eight-minute shower.

When looking at ways to reduce your water usage and get more out of your utility budget, you may consider adjusting your shower flow manually. The problem is that this will reduce the effectiveness of most showerheads, rendering them virtually useless. 

Luckily, there is a solution—want to save a little bit when the bill comes around and increase your comfort at the same time? Try these competitive options:


MOEN Voss 1-Spray 4-inch — This showerhead reduces your average water flow per minute from 2.1 gallons to 1.75 and comes in an attractive brushed nickel finish that compliments tile and natural colors beautifully.

Delta HydroRain 5-Spray 6-Inch Two-in-One — This showerhead reduces water flow and still offers you a great experience with its two heads to increase coverage.

High Sierra All Metal 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Low Flow —Save 40% on water flow while still enjoying a nice, strong flow and four different finishes!

Best Water Pressure Shower Heads

Water pressure is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a new shower head. Higher pressure means more cleaning potential and, for some, increased comfort. It’s so important to our customers that we found a few of the best options for you:

MOEN Halo 3-Spray 9-Inch Rainshower — This showerhead offers a powerful water flow and has three different spray settings! Its large size also makes it a luxurious option for full-body water coverage.

AirJet Showerhead — The AirJet showerhead has an internal vacuum valve to ensure strong pressure and that the system won’t get clogged, along with six powerful settings.

Delta 75152 3-7/8″ Single-Function Head — This showerhead has the popular vote when it comes to pressure, according to listofbeststuff.com. In addition to pressure, you can change the settings to create a unique wave of water flow!

Best Shower Heads for Fun

These showerheads are just for fun! Though they are on the pricier side, we think they’re cool anyway! Start your day off right with any one of these exciting options.


Newport Brass – 2153/56 – Rainfall — This ceiling-mount showerhead provides a lovely rain-like fall of water. It’s also classy and stays looking like new for years! This tends to be on the expensive side, but you can shop for similar concepts here.

Raptor: 20″ Rainfall Shower System — Another rainfall showerhead, just WAY bigger. This system will really help you feel like you’re under a natural waterfall, not to mention squeaky clean from the flexible attachments!

DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Head — This shower head is not only smart, but it’s also fun! The water-powered LED lights change with your water temperature, and the head has several different settings! Perfect for adding some glow to those darker winter mornings.

When it comes to things we do every day, making the most of the experience is a worthwhile investment. When it comes to the cost-effectiveness, comfort, and overall daily showering experience, we encourage families to make the most of their time under the water. As an added bonus, simple attachment and detachment of many of these options mean you can carry these products with you to any new living situation and easily clean them between installations.


We hope that this list has given you a few ideas for your next shower head purchase. Whether you want to pretend you’re in the rainforest, at a party, or just want to save a little money, we hope that you found the head that works for you!

Need help installing that new shower head? Give us a call for any plumbing and bathroom needs! We are happy to help you make your dream bathroom a reality or just help you get it back to working condition!

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