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Best Shower Heads for Your Needs

Have you ever moved into a new house or apartment and just been blown away at how different the shower head is from your previous place? We all have our preferences when it comes to showering, and your shower head should reflect those preferences.

Ever wondered if there was a shower head that could actually conserve your water, thereby saving you money on your water bill? We’ve assembled a few of our favorite shower heads for water pressure and conservation reasons, as well as just a few we like for aesthetic reasons.

Best Water Conservation Shower Heads

Showering can make up most of the water that you use in your home. Want to save a little bit? Try these.

MOEN Voss 1-Spray 4 in. This showerhead reduces your average water flow per minute from 2.1 gallons to 1.75.

Delta HydroRain 5-Spray 6 in. Two-in-One. This showerhead reduces water flow, and still offers you a great experience with its two heads to increase coverage.

High Sierra All Metal 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow. Save 40% on waterflow while still enjoying a nice, strong flow!

Best Water Pressure Shower Heads

Water pressure is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a new shower head. It’s so important, that we found a few of the best options for you:

MOEN Halo 3-Spray 9 in. Rainshower. This showerhead offers a powerful flow of water and has three different spray settings!

AirJet Showerhead. The AirJet showerhead has an internal vacuum valve to ensure strong pressure, and doesn’t get clogged.

Delta 75152 3-7/8″ Single-Function Head. This showerhead has the popular vote when it comes to pressure according to listofbeststuff.com. In addition to pressure, you can change the settings to create a unique wave of water flow!

Best Shower Heads for Fun

These shower heads are just for fun! Though they are on the pricier side, we think they’re cool anyway!

Newport Brass – 2153/56 – Rainfall. This shower head provides a lovely rain-like fall of water. It’s also classy and stays looking like new for years! Super expensive, but you can shop similar concepts here.

Raptor: 20″ Rainfall Shower System. Another rainfall shower head, just WAY bigger. This will really help you feel like you’re under a natural waterfall!

DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Head. This shower head is not only smart, it’s fun! The water-powered LED lights change with the temperature of your water, and the head has several different settings!

We hope that this list has given you a few ideas for your next shower head purchase. Whether you want to pretend you’re in the rain forest, at a party, or just want to save a little money, we hope that you found the head that works for you!

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