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Is There A Problem With My Water Softener?

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Water softeners take on the role of removing contaminants from your water making it softer for your skin and healthier for your body to drink. However, just like any appliance, they can experience some problems and need a service. If you’re thinking your water softener might be experiencing some issues or want some signs to look out for, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of common signs that your water softener may need a service. Let’s get started!

Is It Not Using The Salt?

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Have you looked into your water softener after putting new salt in it only to find that the salt hasn’t been going down? Water softeners and water conditioning systems require salt or salt substitutes to remove the iron and hardness from the water in your home. If the salt hasn’t gone down that means that your system isn’t functioning properly. Call a professional as soon as possible to have it serviced.

Are There Signs Of Hard Water?

hard water spots on a glass cup

The main purpose of a water softener is to eliminate the hard water deposits off of your appliances, dishes, and glassware. If you’ve noticed any scale or mineral buildup on your kitchen appliances, your water softener levels may be too low or it could have a problem and should be addressed. If it’s working properly, your soft water should never leave any residue. In this case, first check the salt levels and after that is squared away, it’s time to get your water softener serviced.

Is The Water Constantly Running?

Does it sound like your water softening system is continuously running? This is a sign that water could be getting stuck in one of the stages of the softening process due to a break. The older the softening system, the more likely you could run into this problem due to the wear and tear of its parts. If you’re hearing the water softening system run continuously, it’s time to get it serviced by a professional.

Does Your Water Taste Or Smell Off?

The taste and smell of soft water shouldn’t have a taste because a lot of the minerals are taken out during the softening process. It could even taste a little salty. If there is a distinct taste that’s not normal, a problem could definitely be occurring. A bad taste or smell is a definite sign to call a professional to service your water softener.

Is Your Skin Feeling Dry or Itchy After Washing?

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Hard water tends to make your skin feel dry and itchy. If you’re noticing your hands or body get a little itchy after a shower or washing your hands, it could mean that your water softener isn’t working right. First check if there are salt pellets in the brine tank. If there are, call a professional for a service!

Is Your Water Pressure Lower Than Normal?

Low water pressure can mean a number of problems are occurring with your water softener like sediment build-up or resin clogs. However, the first thing you should rule out is the regeneration process. When soft water runs out, it needs the time to regenerate. Once it’s ready, the pressure will go back to normal. If you’ve waited at least 24 hours, and the water pressure is still too low, call a specialist for servicing.

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