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Does Your Water Filter Need to be Replaced?

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After taking your first sip of purified water right out of the tap, are you overcome with joy and simplicity? A great quality water purification system installed by Shamrock Plumbing can do that for your home, but it does require some maintenance on your end. Safe, clean, and better-tasting water is the result of the filtration done within the system, but for it to work effectively those filters need to be cared for. Read below to learn about the signs, how often, and why it is important to change the water filter in your home. 


Signs your filter needs to be replaced.

  1. When there is a decline in water pressure.
  2. When there is a decline in flow rate. 
  3. When the water begins to taste unusual.
  4. When the water begins to smell unusual.  
  5. If there has been a boil alert or advisory in your area. 


How often should you replace your filters? 

The time in which your filter needs to be replaced is dependent on water usage and quality. If there is a lot of sediment that naturally occurs in your water, you will have to change the filter more often. Similarly, if your household has a lot of people that drink, shower, and wash with the water, you will also have to change the filter more frequently. 

The time in which you need to change your filter also depends on the brand or product you purchase initially. When purchasing a new filter ask what the service cycle is for that home filtration system. 

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Why changing your filter is important.

It is important to regularly change your filter to ensure it is functioning properly. The filtration system is catching debris and sediments in your water, and after a few months those particles build up and clog the filter. Once the filter becomes clogged it is difficult for water to pass through it. The more diligent you are when it comes to replacing your filters, the better tasting and cleaner your water will be. 

Additionally, contaminants that can be harmful to your health can sometimes be found in your water. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates most water lines, but if your water comes from a private well it may not be up to standards, or water that tested safe at the source may have picked up contaminants on its way to your house. If your water shows a color, taste, or smell that concerns you, you may want to have it tested by a professional straight from your tap. 


Remember to replace your filter. 

  1. Buy multiple replacement filters at once. That way when you need to change out your filter you have one handy instead of having to put it off until you get a chance to purchase another. 
  2. Mark it on the calendar. Add notes to your calendar to purchase or replace filters based on the type, water usage, and water quality in your home. 
  3. Schedule it with other maintenance you do around the house. Creating habits is the easiest way to remember. If you change your air filter every few months make it a habit to do the water filter at the same time. 


If you’re in the market for a system that offers true water purification, we have just the thing.. Here at Shamrock Plumbing, we strive to provide the best water treatment and purification service out there.. We carry a wide variety of water purifiers that can be easily installed underneath your sink. 


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