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5 Ways to Increase the Amount of Water You Drink This Summer

Jul 31 2015

It’s important to stay hydrated. Here are several tips to help you keep drinking water this summer.

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Summer Plumbing Tips

Jul 15 2015

Keeping your plumbing system in order is a crucial part of being a homeowner. Make sure you follow these tips this summer.

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The Problems With Hard Water

May 28 2015

There are many problems that can come from having hard water in your home. Discover what exactly these issues can be right here.

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4 Plumbing Advancements We Take for Granted–Infographic

Feb 16 2015

Are there plumbing advancements that you take for granted? Discover some of the advancements that may have never thought much about with our infographic. You’ll soon be grateful for all of the improvements that have been done with our plumbing systems over the years.

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Gravity vs Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Nov 25 2014

Do you know the difference between a gravity-assisted and a pressure-assisted toilet? If not, discover the difference here and find out which one is best for your household.

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Earthquake Proofing Home Plumbing

Nov 17 2014

Did you know that it’s important prepare your home’s plumbing for an earthquake. Discover how you can earthquake proof your home’s plumbing here.

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Adding a Second Bathroom? Helpful Tips

Oct 22 2014

Are you adding another bathroom to your home? If so, follow our advice to make sure you keep your home’s plumbing in order.

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Leaking Pipes: Top Quick, Temporary Fixes

Oct 10 2014

Fixing the leak as soon as it is discovered is important to preventing water damage and getting your pipe back to working condition.

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Alternative Methods to Unclog a Drain

Sep 23 2014

If you need to unclog a drain in a pinch and lack some of the basic tools, there are a few effective ways to improvise to get the job done.

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Dual Flush Toilets: How They Work

Sep 17 2014

The dual flush toilet is nothing new to toilet technology, but many people know little to nothing about it.

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