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4 Great Father’s Day Gifts

Jun 11 2014

We love Fathers’ Day at Shamrock Plumbing! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your dad or husband, check out our four gift ideas here. You just might find something he’ll love!

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Jun 04 2014

Are you planning on remodeling your bathroom? Make sure to check out our renovation tips here first.

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DIY Plumbing: 5 Must Have Tools

May 14 2014

Are you trying to do your own plumbing? Make sure you have these must-have tools on hand.

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Household Cleaning Tips

Apr 25 2014

Is keeping your home clean important to you? We understand! Consider these cleaning tips the next time you go on a cleaning spree!

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Plumbing Inspection for Spring

Mar 21 2014

Now that it’s Spring time, it’s time to check your plumbing. Learn about what you can do to protect your plumbing system now.

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Make Your Hot Tub Shine: Pro Cleaning Tips

Mar 11 2014

Do you have a hot tub? If so, no that keeping it clean is very important. Here is everything you need to know about doing just that.

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How Can You Radiant Heating Reduce Allergies?

Feb 11 2014

Do you tend to have allergies a lot? If so, then you should consider radiant heating. Learn about how it can benefit your life and help with your allergies.

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What is Pipe Insulation Made From?

Feb 05 2014

As a homeowner, it’s important to learn everything about your house including your pipes. Learn everything you can right here about pipe insulation.

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The History of Plumbing

Jan 06 2014

Pipes are an essential part of modern living. In fact, they’re a critical part of your home. Discover the history behind your home’s pipes right here.

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High Tech Toilets

Nov 05 2013

In our modern society, everything seems to be super high-tech. However, have you ever used a high-tech toilet? Learn everything you need to know about high-tech toilets right here.

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