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History of Water Purification

Dec 22 2016

How much do you know about the water purification process? Discover the history behind how and why you’re able to drink clean water today.

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6 Ways to Avoid Expensive Winter Leaks

Dec 13 2016

Water leaks are very common during the winter. However, they can be avoidable too. Discover how you can avoid an expensive water leak this winter right here.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes With These 6 Simple Tips – Infographic

Nov 11 2016

Don’t let frozen pipes ruin the magic of winter! Follow our prevention tips to make sure you get through this winter season without plumbing issues.

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11 Bathrooms Scarier Than Halloween

Oct 26 2016

Halloween is a fun, scary time of the year. However, do you know what could be scarier than zombies and ghosts walking down the street? A bathroom! If you’re up for a frightening experience, check out these 11 bathrooms!

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Why Is My Toilet Flush So Loud?

Oct 10 2016

Have you ever noticed your toilet flushing really loudly? A sound that is definitely much louder than normal? If so, read up on what our professionals at Shamrock Plumbing have to say about what can be done to fix that issue.

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Sep 30 2016

Do you have a sink that doesn’t have a garbage disposal? If so, keeping food from going down the drain will be a chore. Discover everything you need to know about getting your garbage disposal installed right here.

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3 Water Conservation Tips for Fall

Sep 12 2016

At Shamrock Plumbing, we believe that taking care of our planet is our responsibility. Because of that, water conservation is very important to us. Here are several water conservation tips we have for you!

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What’s the Difference between Hard and Soft Water?

Aug 21 2016

Do you know what the difference is between hard and soft water? If not, read up about it here! Our Shamrock Plumbing experts will explain to you the difference so you can know about the benefits of having soft water in your home.

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How To Prepare Your Water Heater for Fall

Aug 06 2016

Fall is coming! Before the season arrives, the experts at Shamrock Plumbing have several things they’d like to communicate with you about your water heater. Discover what needs to be done and why.

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What Are Your Pipes Made Of?

Jul 26 2016

How much do you know about your home’s pipes? Have you ever thought about what they’re made of? If not, learn why you should know about that right here.

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