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5 Signs Your Water Heater Is Going Out

Jul 16 2020

Is your water heater a million years old? Are weird rattling sounds coming from your water heater? Does your water go from blazing hot to freezing cold while you’re in the shower? These are all signs that it may be time for a new water heater. Check them out!

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When Should I Change My Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

Jun 04 2020

Do you know how often you should be changing out your Reverse Osmosis water filter? It all depends on how hard your water is. Discover how you can know when the right time to replace your filter is.

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Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe to Drink?

Did you know that the water your drinking may be filled with contaminants and bacteria? Discover how a reverse osmosis system can help purify your water and keep your family healthy.

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Pros & Cons of Bidets

May 06 2020

Discover the pros and cons of bidets right here on our blog. We’ll go over how to use a bidet as well as reasons to and to not invest in one for your home.

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Water Purifier vs Water Softener

Water purifiers can enhance the taste and health of your water, while a water softener can remove elements that make your water hard. Discover the differences between the two and learn which system is best for you and your family’s needs!

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How to Save Money on Utilities During Quarantine

Apr 03 2020

Due to COVID-19, more people are spending time at home. This naturally could mean that utilities are being used more. Discover what you can do to save money on your utilities despite stay-at-home orders and self-quarantining.

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Quiz: To Flush or Not to Flush

Apr 01 2020

In 2020, the world has turned upside down. COVID-19 is here and there doesn’t seem to be any toilet paper on the shelves. Take our quiz to see if you know what can and cannot be flushed.

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Utah’s Hard Water Problem

Mar 19 2020

Do you know how hard your drinking water is? Use our hard water tool and plug in your zip code to learn just how hard your water is.

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5 Items To NOT Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Feb 25 2020

Are you having problems with your garbage disposal? If so, it could be because of what you put down the drain. Learn what food items can and cannot be put down the garbage disposal.

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Clean & Flush: Every Homeowner’s Guide to Water Heaters

Jan 28 2020

We’re here to show you the ins and outs about how to flush your hot water heater and how easy it can be! Read our blog to find out how just how simple it is.

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