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Time for a Career Change? Take Our Quiz and Find Your Dream Job!

Mar 09 2018
Are you thinking about switching to a new career? Take our quiz to see which path might be the right one for you. Who knows, you just might find yourself led to a job you never thought about doing but is truly the perfect one for you!

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Golf Event

Jul 17 2017
Did you know that Shamrock Plumbing is involved with charity? Every year, we host a golf event to help out the Mayan Miracle. It's a charity that helps provide medical aid and other types of relief to people in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Benefits of a Home Water Purification System

Jan 09 2017
It's important that you only drink clean water. Drinking water that hasn't been purified could be harmful for your body. Discover everything you need to know about having a water purification system installed right here.

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History of Water Purification

Dec 22 2016
How much do you know about the water purification process? Discover the history behind how and why you're able to drink clean water today.

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6 Ways to Avoid Expensive Winter Leaks

Dec 13 2016
Water leaks are very common during the winter. However, they can be avoidable too. Discover how you can avoid an expensive water leak this winter right here.

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What Are Your Pipes Made Of?

Jul 26 2016
How much do you know about your home's pipes? Have you ever thought about what they're made of? If not, learn why you should know about that right here.

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A Lurking Killer – Radon in Homes

Jul 19 2016
Does your house have radon? Do you know how to find out if your house has radon in it? Discover everything you need to know about radon in your home right here.

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How to Prepare Your Home Utilities for Summer Vacation

Jun 24 2016
Summer vacation time is here! Discover everything you need to know about getting your home's utilities in order so you can prevent damage and save money.

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Amazing Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

Jun 08 2016
Are you looking to replace your bathroom sinks or faucets? Discover these amazing options for your consideration.

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The Advantages of Heated Driveways

Feb 04 2016
Do you hate shoveling snow during the winter? Wouldn't it be great if you could walk outside after a snowy evening and not have to shovel before going to work? If you agree, read what we have to say here to discover how a heated driveway could benefit you.

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