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Will Saving the Great Salt Lake Affect Your Water Usage?

Apr 28 2022
For over a decade the Great Salt Lake has been dying. Learn about what’s going on and how it can affect you and your water usage in the future.

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What to Know About Your Home’s Water & the Utah Drought

Jul 23 2021
Utah has been experiencing record heat and record drought. But how does this affect your water and what can you do to help your community and state? Learn all about the Utah drought and what you can do to help.

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A Plumber’s Handbook

Discover everything you need to know about plumbing right here! If you're interested in DIY plumbing projects or looking for reading material, Shamrock Plumbing has your back!

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Best Shower Heads for Your Needs

Aug 07 2017
Whether you're the type of person to take a shower in the morning or at night, it's a very important part of your routine. After all, it's the perfect way to start or end your day. Make sure you have the perfect shower head for you!

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3 Water Conservation Tips for Fall

Sep 12 2016
At Shamrock Plumbing, we believe that taking care of our planet is our responsibility. Because of that, water conservation is very important to us. Here are several water conservation tips we have for you!

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Water Conservation Tips

Mar 22 2016
At Shamrock Plumbing, we support your water conservation efforts. To help you, our plumbing experts have put together several tips for you to follow. Discover what you can do to conserve water here.

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