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Water Purifier vs Water Softener

Are you interested in improving your water quality? A water purifier or water softener could help you! Discover the difference between a water purifier and water softener to help you make the best decision for your home.

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Learn the Different Types of Water Purification

Dec 30 2019
How familiar are you with water purification? Do you know if your home has the right type of purification system? Is your drinking water clean enough for you to be consuming? Learn everything you need to know about water purification with our infographic.

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When To Replace Your Water Softener

Water softeners help save our pipes, appliances, and skin from the effects of hard water. To make sure your water stays as soft as possible, you should know when to replace your water softener. Keep reading to learn more!

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A Plumber’s Handbook

Discover everything you need to know about plumbing right here! If you're interested in DIY plumbing projects or looking for reading material, Shamrock Plumbing has your back!

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5 Ways to Increase the Amount of Water You Drink This Summer

Jul 31 2015
It's important to stay hydrated. Here are several tips to help you keep drinking water this summer.

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Purifying Water on the Go: Best Technologies

Aug 25 2014
It's important to drink clean water. Discover what you can do to purify your water while you're on the go.

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