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Does Your Water Softener Need to Be Replaced?

Sep 15 2023
Your home's water softener works hard every day to remove minerals from your water supply that could damage plumbing, stain clothes, and clog appliances. Read our blog for some clear signs you can look out for indicating that your water softener is past its prime and will soon need to be replaced.

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Salt-Free Water Softener vs Salt Water Softener

Jul 05 2022
Thinking about getting a new water softener? Not sure if you should get a salt-free one? There are pros and cons to both! Read more to learn the differences between the two, and find out which one is right for you.

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Top 10 Questions We Hear About Water Softeners

May 18 2022
If you’re considering installing a water softener, then you probably have some questions. Read more to get those questions answered and learn all you need to know about water softeners.

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Water Conditioners vs Water Softeners: What’s the Difference?

Hard water is a pain and the only way to fix it is through water treatment. The two most common ways are through water softeners and water conditioners. However, which is better? Learn more about their differences and make the right choice for you!

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Which Minerals and Chemicals are Found in Utah’s Hard Water?

If you’ve experienced hard water then you can understand the frustrations that come with it. But do you know what minerals and chemicals are in hard water? Learn more in our blog post!

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Where Does Utah’s Drinking Water Come From?

Does your drinking water come from surface water or groundwater? Here in Utah, residents get their water from over 1,800 sources, including local lakes, reservoirs, rivers, wells, and springs.

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Does Your Water Filter Need to be Replaced?

Can you remember the last time you replaced the water filters in your home? If you notice an unusual taste in your water, or find water pressure is down, it may be time to check those filters! Read our blog to find out what other signs you should be on the lookout for.

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Does My Water Change the Taste of My Home Brew?

Whether your water is hard, soft, or purified, each of them will produce a different home brew. Learn the difference between them all, and how to remedy any contaminants changing the way your home brew tastes!

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Is There A Problem With My Water Softener?

Aug 06 2020
Do you suspect something is wrong with your water softener? Here are the common signs you can look out for to know if you need your water softener serviced.

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Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe to Drink?

Did you know that the water your drinking may be filled with contaminants and bacteria? Discover how a reverse osmosis system can help purify your water and keep your family healthy.

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