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How hard is water in your area? Enter your ZIP Code & find out!

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Zip Code Mineral Amount (PPM) Hardness Level

Hard water is water that is high in mineral content. It can cause erosion in your pipes and can be harmful for your skin. How hard your water is completely depends on where you live and where your water comes from. Each home can be a little different, but this tool can tell you the average for your general area. If you’d like to know exactly how hard your water is in your home specifically, contact us for a free home water evaluation.

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Hardness as Parts Per Million Hardness in Grains Per Gallon Classification of Water
1-17 < 1.0 Soft
17-60 1.0-3.5 Slightly Hard
60-120 3.5-7.0 Moderately Hard
120-180 7.0-10.5 Hard
180+ 10.5+ Very Hard

How to Understand the Tool

Hardness as Parts Per Million: When you put your zip code into the tool, it’ll tell you how many parts per million (PPM) your water contains when it comes to minerals.

Hardness in Grains Per Gallon: After using the tool, you’ll check your PPM number on the table. To the right, you’ll learn how many grains of minerals are in each gallon of water that come out of your faucets.

Classification of Water: How hard your water is depends on how high the mineral content is. The table below will tell you whether or not the water in your home has soft or hard water, which should help you consider whether or not you should invest in a water softener.

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