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Our Annual Chairty Golf Event

Each year we here at Shamrock Plumbing proudly host an annual golf event in support of the Mayan Miracle Foundation. We throw this event with the intent of raising money to continue to provide medical, physical, and to the people living in the villages of the Yucatan Peninsula.

What is The Mayan Miracle Foundation?

The Mayan Miracle Foundation is a foundation that seeks to assess and prioritize the needs of the people living in the Yucatan Peninsula while providing volunteers with opportunities for service. During our expeditions to Mexico, we provide food, household supplies, clothing, shelter (through home repairs, upgrades, and new construction), and specialized needs. The experiences and friendships that we leave Mexico with far outweigh the goods that we provide.

Mayan Miracle Foundation Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide physical aid and establish lasting relationships in an attempt to ease the burdens of those living in remote villages in the Yucatan Peninsula. However, the miracle is separate from our mission. While serving “the needy” we discover how desperately needy we actually are. We take simple provisions, which we have an abundance of, arriving with clothing, food, household supplies, and a sincere desire to make a difference. Then the miracle occurs; the exchange happens. We give them clothing; they clothe us in perspective. We give them food; they feed our souls with humility. We give them household supplies; they give us joy in simplicity. We offer our desire to help and they offer us true friendship. Our mission is not to change the lives of the Mayan people in some drastic way, but rather to experience the inevitable change that occurs in our own lives as we become “anxiously engaged in a good cause”. We sincerely believe that by doing so, our families and communities are strengthened by the miracle made possible by the Mayan people.

Our Charity Golf Event

Over the years, our charity event has gained a lot of traction and we have gained sponsorships from local businesses, dealerships, and Utah citizens. We hold this event at Bountiful Ridge Golf Course where breakfast is served. In order to participate, we ask players to donate a sponsor-level package, which will get you an entry. You’ll also receive a swag bag and during the event, there is plenty of opportunities to win prizes. During the golf event, we do smaller competitions, such as:

  • Longest drive for both men and women.
  • Hole in one holes where winners can win a car or $10,000 in services.
  • Longest putt

The event is played in a shotgun style due to how many groups we have attended. Each group will have four participants and the group with the best score at the end of the rounds wins! To help better improve your score, you can purchase additional mulligans, a free redo shot. After everyone has finished, we meet back at the pavilion where the winner is announced and start the raffle with prizes. Some of the past prizes we’ve given away are:

  • Gift Cards
  • Golf Swag
  • Jazz Game Tickets

However, you can purchase a ticket to enter our raffle to win an all-expenses-paid work trip excursion to Mexico. On this trip, you will help with the service projects as well as explore Mexico.

How to Get Involved

We love seeing people getting involved. If you are interested in going on an excursion or would like to volunteer at home, contact us or give us a call at 1-(877)-957-1343. You can also send any donations here!

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