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Do you want to enjoy safe, great-tasting water in your own home without having to lug big bottles of water from the store or spending a small fortune on individual water containers? Well, now you can! Shamrock Plumbing carries a full line of high-quality, affordable water conditioning and water purification systems that allow you to savor delicious water right from your tap. We can install a purification system right onto the main water line
entering your home or you can opt for individual under-sink units for specific areas of your home or office.

Why Should You Install a Water Purification System?

Safety: Your drinking water will be safer—period. Purified water removes a large percentage of chlorine, arsenic, dissolved solids, lead, and other potentially harmful substances that may be present in tap water. Having these impurities in your drinking water can lead to health issues. For example, lead in drinking water can slow the growth rate of children, cause premature birth, and decrease kidney function.

Taste: If your tap water tastes terrible, you’re not alone! Our water purification systems ensure a never-ending supply of fresh, delicious satisfaction. You will notice the difference not only when you drink it (so no more cloudy ice cubes!), but also when you cook with it.

Great taste is yours every time you turn on the tap. No more lugging heavy jugs or water bottles from the store. Your clean water source is right in your own home!

Because You Deserve the Best!

If you’re looking to get a water conditioning system to better the lives of your family members or employees, look no further. At Shamrock Plumbing, we want what’s best for you too. We are confident in our systems, and know they’ll help you see the benefits discussed above. If you want to start enjoying these benefits, contact Shamrock Plumbing today! If you are interested in salt-less water systems, ask us about our “green”, salt-free water conditioning systems.


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