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Expert Water Softener Repair Services

At Shamrock Plumbing, we are proud to offer high-quality water softeners to the people of Utah. However, installations aren’t all we do—we do repairs too! If you are experiencing difficulties with your existing system, our trained and certified technicians are ready and able to make any necessary repairs.

There is a lot that goes into water softeners, so it’s normal to have questions. Check out our blog “Top 10 Questions We Hear About Water Softeners” to get all your questions answered!

When Your Water Softener Needs Repair?

You can learn more about replacing your water softener my reading our blog post, “When to Replace Your Water Softener”

Repair or Replace: Evaluating Your Water Softener

Although these issues may be occurring, a water softener repair might not always be the best option. Sometimes it’s just better to replace it. Think of it this way—if you have a 15-year-old car and you need to repair the transmission, it may be better to get a new car. In that same line of logic, take into account your water softener’s age. If it’s eight years old, a new one installed is probably your best option.

Think there might be something wrong with your residential or commercial water softener or have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your friendly Utah plumber. Shamrock Plumbing is here for you! We will get your water softener back to being operational so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of soft water and protect your family, appliances, and plumbing from the harsh effects of hard water. Put your trust in us, and call 801-505-9505 today!

“My water softener went out and clogged my floor drain. They came in and cleaned drain and installed a new water softener. They did a really good job!” – Kathleen H.

Curious about your areas hard water? Make sure to check out our hard water tool to see just how hard the water is where you live.

Shamrock Plumbing’s Hard Water Tool

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